Google Forms with iBooks Author

iBooks Author is an awesome tool for teachers. I was recently sitting with a few ADEs who are math teachers. While they really like the idea of iBooks Author, they are concerned about a few things. One problem is that the Review Widget doesn’t do anything with the data, so it doesn’t work well as tool for assessing students.

A Google search turns up some promising solutions. I found Mike Seyfang’s technique of using Google Forms worked pretty well. I’ve modified it a bit, but the credit should go to him and Jim McKeeth.

Download wdgt file

All you need is this tiny file and a Google Form you would like to embed. This file is actually a special folder with three small files in it, one of which you will need to edit. When you download it, you may be asked to install it to your Dashboard. Cancel this – you don’t want to install anything.


Now watch this video to see just how easy is is:

*Please note that this post is a rush-job; there is a group meeting at a conference in a few minutes who may find this useful. I’ll revise with better written instructions ASAP.

Photo Credit: fragility_v2 via Compfight cc

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  1. Matt Baier says:

    This is great. I especially appreciate the video.

    I did encounter one problem using my GAFE account – If I check the “require school login” box then the form wont load, even if I am logged in on my iPad. I had to uncheck the box and then the form loaded properly in my iBook. I wanted to let you know in case someone else has this problem.

    Or maybe someone knows a way that I could embed the Google form and still require student to login to their accounts? Because that would be great.

  2. Marilyn says:

    Thank you! I had to download Tincta to be able to edit, TextEdit did not work for me but after that it was a breeze!

  3. Chris says:

    This is great and exactly what I’m looking for to use in my iBooks Author since I use google docs to number crunch a lot of what my students send in to me. My question is how to resize the google form window to fit into the widget without it being cut off horizontally?

  4. Shannon Doak says:

    Still not certain iBook Author is the best tool out there. The end product while fantastic and interactive is, unless things have changed, limited to viewing on iPads only. This might be limiting if schools don’t have iPads. I am not a big proponent of using tools that restrict to any particular platform.