the convergence of pedagogical leadership and technology leadership is long overdue

ICT Coordinators; we should be a dying breed. We’ve faithfully served our role as guide and translator to educators in this great digital expedition.  We are incredibly near, and by now, the leaders should be fluent and they should know the way. Unfortunately, two things have happened:

  • Educational leaders have failed to learn the language and the landscape
  • Technology enthusiasts have thrown the baby (sound pedagogy) out with the bathwater (antiquated curriculum)

This is not a recipe for success. Leaders must accept that technology is as much a part of education as a pencil and paper. They must engage with it or they are not leading.  Technology enthusiasts too have work to be done: they must put down their toys (and their egos) and join the serious and difficult work of curriculum development and pedagogical reform.

The following posts will examine our many missteps and explore how we might confidently correct them.

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creativity is worth pursing with intent and dedication rather than merely a casual interest

Before marriage and a child, I liked to think of myself as an artist and musician. I had studied art in university for a while and occasionally do freelance photography and graphic design projects. I’ve also played in several bands and have been writing and recording music since I first got my hands on my father’s state-of-the-art 4-track in the late 80′s.

I’ve shared much of this work on my old website, This domain and most of its content has now disappeared into the ether. Maybe it’s that I got too busy to keep up with hand-coding photo galleries and textpattern plugins, or maybe it’s that things like Facebook, despite their creative limitations, have become “good enough”.

In a sense, that’s too bad, because it further blurs the lines between creativity and mindless life-broadcasting. In other words, it doesn’t take much of a commitment to put every nascent idea or doodle online.

Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst. – attributed to Henri Cartier-Bresson.

I don’t think Henri had considered digital when he said that. I can now take 10,000 photos in a few days. Without sounding like too much of a traditionalist – it’s just too easy to create and share junk that lacks intent or beauty. And whatever happened to practice?

So I guess the point of the above is to provide a context and inspiration to myself: creativity is worth pursing with intent and dedication rather than merely a casual interest. Hopefully this section of my website will grow to demonstrate this understanding.

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another enthusiastic educator with a tech fetish

brady-portrait-webcropBrady Cline has been an international educator for over 12 years. He holds various qualifications and has taught in six countries in a variety of positions in high school and elementary. Before becoming a teacher, Brady worked as a project manager for a dot-com.

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